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Welcome to WIL's club space!

This section of knowledge base provides information about this club's members, activities, content and archives.

About Us: Women In Leadership (WIL) is a student organization serving undergraduate and graduate students at the Schulich School of Business. WIL serves the Schulich community by providing a series of professional, educational, and networking events to enhance the understanding and appreciation of women's role in business, while assisting members in reaching success in their chosen field. We do this by creating a network of business students, alumni, and businesswomen to inspire and support one another. 

WIL also serves the community through its Mentorship Program by partnering with a local high school to provide a forum for inspiring and motivating young girls to pursue academic excellence, their dreams and leadership opportunities.

Our Mission: To empower female students to thrive in leadership roles in the workplace and beyond. *This year’s theme: Building The Future*

Our website:


  • Stephanie Nicoll:  Graduate Co-President
  • Valeria Ramirez: Undergraduate Co-President
  • Kalyani Goswani: Vice President Mentorship
  • Gurneet Dulay: Vice President Events                
  • Jessica Chee: Vice President Partnerships
  • Michelle Tan: Vice President Finance
  • Roshaan Hajira: Vice President Marketing
  • Kritika Kuppuswami: Vice President Internal Relations
  • Ivana Lochhead: Vice President of Male Engagement
  • Sara Lee: Director of Mentorship
  • Sharon Heu: Director of Mentorship
  • Amal Naufer: Director of Events
  • Teresa Fallico: Director of Events
  • Basra Hassan: Director of Corporate Partnerships
  • Nikhita Mirchandani: Director of Corporate Partnerships
  • Sabrina Lem: Director of In-Kind Partnerships
  • Sara Tatangelo: Director of Social Media
  • Parvi Dhirar: Director of Communications 
  • Jasleen Kaur: Director of Digital Media
  • Jennifer Chung: Director of Internal Relations
  • Shubh Singh: Director of Male Engagement, Graduate 
  • Dru Gheorghe: Director of Male Engagement, Undergraduate


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