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Welcome to SIMA's club space !

This section of knowledge base provides information about this club's members, activities, content and archives.

About SIMA

Social Impact Management Association (SIMA) is a graduate student club at the Schulich School of Business, York University. The club is affiliated with the school’s Social Sector Management program (SOCM), both representing and connecting students to the non-profit and social enterprise sectors. Its vision and mission are as follows:


For Schulich graduate students and alumni to be at the leading edge of social change, known as powerful leaders for their contributions to society and the community.


To increase awareness and interest in the social sector amongst Schulich graduate students and inspire engagement that positively impacts society and contributes to students’ own personal growth.



Executives 2017-18

  • Ben Rabinovitch – President
  • Elizabeth Castrillon Jimenez – Vice President
  • Hunaina Kamran - Director of Communications
  • Damilola Adejola – Director of Finance
  • Jerico Espinas – Director of Board Relationships
  • Nasiha Ahmed – Director of Marketing
  • Shahbaz Raza – Director of Partnerships and Sponsorships
  • Shaira Ahmed – Director of Program and Events


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