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Welcome to EVCC's club space!

This section of knowledge base provides information about this club's members, activities, content and archives.


Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club aims at providing an environment where Schulich graduate students and Alumni can foster and grow their entrepreneurial passion into the career of their dreams.

Our vision: The vision of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (EVCC) is to inspire and connect students possessing an entrepreneurial passion with the resources and network to achieve their career aspirations.

Our mission: Our mission is to provide a platform for Schulich students to develop the skills, network, and experience needed to create and grow their entrepreneurial ventures.



One Year Membership
  • EVCC Only - $20
  • EVCC + SIMA Combo - $35
  • EVCC + HCBF Combo - $35
  • EVCC + HCBF + SIMA Combo - $52.5




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