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Welcome to CAC's club space!

This section of knowledge base provides information about this club's members, activities, content and archives.

The Case Analysis Club (CAC) provides students with resources, workshops, and networking opportunities to prepare them for the rigor of case interviews in the consulting industry. The CAC strives to help students to assimilate critical case solving frameworks and problem solving methodologies while honing their creative thinking ability, adding value to the business school experience.

The club membership provides access to case interview preparation books, weekly case preps, opportunity to work with different students in weekly case prep & registration to CAC events at lower prices.



$30 for 2 year membership:

$25 for 1- year membership:


  • Shubh Singh – President

  • Janani Jayakumar – Vice President

  • Abhi Chand – VP of Corporate Outreach

  • Aditi Sharma – VP of Professional Developmente

  • Azmin Gova  - VP of Communications

  • Glen Ignatius – VP of Finance

  • Rahul Makhija – VP of Technology

  • Sasan Zadeh – VP of Case Competitions

  • Umai Ravi – VP of Event Management

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