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Welcome to BTMA club space!

This section of knowledge base provides information about this club's members, activities, content and archives.



Introduction to BTMA

The Business Technology Management Association (BTMA) is a club run by Schulich MBA students that was founded with a purpose to serve students with an interest or focus on a career in technology. We strive to create utmost value for students by conducting a range of events including networking, career guidance, case competitions and recruitment events.


Our Mission:

To educate the Schulich student community regarding the latest technology & industry trends, to facilitate career opportunities and to foster networking opportunities with Schulich alumni, faculty and industry stalwarts.




$30 for 2 year membership LINK: To be provided
$25 for 1- year membership LINK: To be provided




  • Karen Hudlikar             Co-President
  • Yusuf Kothari               Co-President
  • Aditya Sreevatsa         Director of Finance
  • Anway Kamat              Director of Events
  • Kartik Gupta                Director of Marketing
  • Matthew Maynard        Director of IT
  • Shlagha Madan           Director of Corporate Affairs
  • Zach Nyugen               Director of Events


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